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Case CAD drawing of cross section

Not all parts from the production version were included in the drawing

Hunting Down the Memory

Bringing back memories of the olden days, when many pocket watches came with a lid over the front or back (or both sides). Usually, a little surprise awaits when you open up the lid. This lid itself is a blank canvas on its own, ready to be inscribed with your most precious moments and memories… 

What will it be?
A wedding date. A birthday. A family crest. A landscape. A symbol. Essentially, something meaningful that you hold close to your heart.

Movement Web2.png

Savonette in a Sellita

To replicate a Savonette (the term given for pocket watches 
usually with the crown at 3:00 on the dial and the small seconds at 6:00), 
we looked no further than the Swiss-made SW216-1 hand-wound movement 
from Sellita. 

Reliable with a height of only 4.35mm, frequency of 4Hz and 42-hour power reserve, 
it is the perfect choice for a Savonette on the wrist.

Q4 2022


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