Who We Are

At Red Army Watches aka RAW, we have dedicated ourselves to sharing stories of independent watchmakers since we debuted in Singapore in 2004. We have since expanded beyond a single store here, and beyond the shores of Singapore.

However, our mission remains the same. Our aim is to offer watch lovers – both new and seasoned alike – a welcoming and fun environment to learn about, and shop for unique mechanical watches and watch accessories.

When RAW was established back in 2004, it was out of passion for two things: good mechanical wristwatches, and retailing them in a welcoming and unexpected way.

Mechanical watches are truly intriguing to us, as they possess so much meaning and purpose beyond their traditional function of keeping time. The potential for a relevant timepiece to establish personal and emotional value with its owner is immense. The mechanical watch thus goes beyond timekeeping and becomes a keepsake that grows in personal value as time goes by.